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The idea of Pressice Barware began at the University of Florida where we got our engineering degrees. The goal was simple, to deliver an all-in-one bar experience to our customers at an affordable price. We reimagined the ice ball press - something seen only at high end bars - to become a staple in the home bar-cart. Now you can enjoy high end cocktails from the comfort of home without breaking the bank thanks to our Ice Ball Press Kit. 

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Our engineering background and approach has us at the forefront of barware. We are an in-house company with hard work built into our fabric,  so that research and development cycle for new products is fast. 

On our quest to develop the premium brand, we meet with local craft bars and ice distributors. We discovered ice presses on the market lacked a proper affordable 'all-in-one' kit. That's when our product offering became apparent: a spherical ice press kit that allows the bar experience to be taken home.

The team set to work developing the first product, the one we are currently selling stand-alone and in a kit. We made the sphere larger in diameter. We package them in a kit that includes everything you would need to entertain at home. Or at your restaurant. We are just getting started.

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