About Us - The Team Behind the Ice Ball Press


Pressice Barware is an American brand that focuses on premium quality, from top to bottom. Since high school, we have been working together designing and developing niche consumer products. Throughout undergraduate studies to become engineers at the University of Florida, we balanced our work and class requirements with opportunities to expand our social network at the local bars. This was where we developed an affinity for a high-quality liquor drink.


We started on the Skol vodka-soda classic from our respective organizations and friend groups to be transparent with our story. We gradually worked our way up the ladder to more sophisticated drinks. Whether it was an Old-Fashioned or Negroni, these drinks all had one thing in common: the ice that came in them was a premium grade. 

On our quest to develop the premium brand, we met with local craft bars and stumbled across the 'Gainesville Ice Man.'
This gentleman owns a company that serve bars reverse-osmosis clear ice throughout the state of Florida. After meeting with him and touring his facility, inspiration struck the team. We discovered ice presses on the market lacked a proper affordable 'all-in-one' kit after extensive research. That's when our product offering became apparent: a spherical ice press kit that allows the bar experience to be taken home.

The team set to work developing the first product, the one we are currently selling stand-alone and in a kit. We made the sphere larger in diameter. We package them in a kit that includes everything you would need to entertain at home, whether for a party of one or an entire evening of festivities. We are looking forward to our brand products' future and can't wait to show you what's in store. 

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