Ice Ball Press Tips and Tricks

How Does an Ice Press Work?

Ice Ball Presses are engineering innovations that use physics to melt your ice block into an ice sphere so that you can enjoy a more refined drinking experience. There are different materials that ice presses are made out of, designs that 'improve' functionality, and a variance in price that makes your head spin! We work to ease the confusion in this article that explains how the ice ball press works.

The Best Corporate Gift That (Your) Money Can Buy 

The holiday season is approaching and corporate gift buying is tricky. The ice press is the premium corporate gift across many industries, with the ability to customize gift offerings and leave an impression that will last forever.

Copper Vs. Aluminum Ice Ball Press 

Explore the main differences between copper and aluminum ice presses to decide which is best for you. See how cost an...

Why are Ice Ball Presses So Expensive?

There are expensive ice ball presses, and then there are more expensive ice presses. In this article, we break down expenses behind the ice ball machines and give you some insight into where all that cost truly comes from!

How to Create a Custom Product Offering at Scale

Custom laser engraved ice ball presses are not easy to offer as a product, but we've found a way to allow for mass customization of the ice sphere machine. This post will show you how to offer a meaningful custom product that's perfect for gifts and memories.

3 Ways to Make Clear Ice at Home

Crystal clear ice dilutes slowly in your drink. It can be achieved in your home freezer. This article explains how you can have a refined drinking experience at home with the addition of clear ice blocks or clear ice balls to your home bar arsenal.


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